FU Pre-Workout

If you’re a Hardcore Bodybuilder who demands to be STIMULATED then you Want FU Pre-workout as the monster in your HEAD!

Bottom Line, Other companies spend too much time talking about technical crap when it basically comes down to one thing - I want to look FU-AMAZING!

FU (Force Unknown) is the strongest non-drug muscle-building Pre-workout supplement on the market designed to make you look FU-AMAZING! Plus, we threw in some stuff to help with strength, size and performance, if you're into that crap! Building your body takes a lot of dedication, commitment and pain. FU Pre-workout is designed to help you train harder and look better than any other Pre-workout on the market.

WTF is FU Pre-workout all about?

FU Pre-workout is formulated to be the most extreme and unbelievable Pre-workout on the market! FU Pre-workout is loaded with stimulants, amino acids, anti-fatigue support (so you don’t burn-out or burn-up) and a stress balance complex (keep you from spitting at that guy who just stole your favourite bench).

The 4 Categories of FU Pre-Workout

  1. Power & Pump Matrix - Everything needed to help you look better!*
  2. Energy & Focus Matrix - Stimulation, Stimulation, Stimulation*
  3. Anti-Fatigue Matrix - Helps keep you fresh and ready for the next injection of FU Pre-workout*
  4. Balance Matrix - Helps you deal with a gym full of NEWBS*

FU Pre-workout is for bodybuilders only. Do not exceed one scoop prior to exercise under any circumstances*.

Q&A with Iron Pete

Where’s the Creatine Monohydrate bro?

Monohydrate is for the Newbs* (Newbie, newb or noob is a slang term for a novice or newcomer, or somebody inexperienced in any profession or activity.) Who wants to look puffy and full of water when you can look lean using Creatine HCL.

Why are there so many stimulants in this Pre-workout?

Are you joking?  I have one answer to that Question. FU*

How do I take FU Pre-workout?

You ingest it.